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ERP Need Assessment and Implementation

Effective uses of any software - be it small, medium or large (ERP) - is primarily dependent upon its utility and user friendliness. There are ample examples of organizations procuring costly and renowned software and failing to use them in desired level. Before starting for a software development the first and foremost thing that an organization should do is to go for need assessment so that the users can get the software as per their requirements. After assessment of what they need, the management has the responsibility to make the software vendors/developers aware of how they want them to use. For any ERP system development and implementation it is essential that the business processes are translated into the programming logic, for clear understanding of the system and processes to be developed. In order to answer these questions the organizations need to have the service of professionals who can not only assess and translate the business process of the organization, but can also transform them into the programmers' logic and language.

The consultants in the company have decades of experience in need assessment and transform these needs into software developers process, in the light of business process of the organization.

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